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Expert advice and flexible financial solutions

Our Service

ATLANTICO Namibia helps corporations and institutions protect their wealth and achieve domestic and international growth through a nationwide team of relationship managers and a network of international partners.

For Corporate Banking Clients we provide a wide range of banking services, including cash management tools, expert advisory and tailored financing, investing and trading solutions.



A team of expert advisors with deep knowledge of African and European markets create value in every international business or trade finance operations.

Global scope

We provide access to worldwide investment opportunities and offer specialized solutions by the top asset managers.

Flexible and efficient banking service

Through our flexible range of products and tools we help you optimize your everyday processes ensuring a cost-effective management of your business liquidity.

International business partners

Our relational approach and global partner network help you achieve your international transactions and trade objectives.


Cash Management

Current Account

Bank account to
manage your liquidity
and everyday needs.

Term Deposits

Optimize your surplus funds with our tailor made saving solutions.

Foreign Exchange

Access FX services to support your international trade and payments.

Digital Bank

Enhance efficiencies and control while gaining easy access to your account.

Trade Solutions

ATLANTICO Namibia has specialized professionals in Trade Finance at your disposal to help structure and execute commercial operations and fulfill domestic and international trade objectives.

Through our international expertise and a network of partners around the world, we are able to connect you to the best market opportunities and support your relationships with relevant local players.

Our integrated and customized trade solutions will help your business to mitigate risk, ensure payment commitments and maximize control over exchange transactions.



Access to funding to support your cash management, growth and other investment needs, with solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Our offer includes Fixed Installment Loans, Bank Guarantees, Medium/Long Term Loans and Revolving Credit Lines to help your business meet everyday expenses and achieve domestic and international growth.

How to apply

Open an account online or write your contact and we will get back to you.


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