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Global services, local expertise

Our Service

Our Investment Banking unit provides expert advisory and strategic support in domestic and international transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, corporate restructurings, recapitalizations or private placement of debt and equity.

Our cross border team combines both industry-specific and geographic knowledge with deep experience in three core activities: Corporate FinanceStructured Finance and Capital Markets.

Corporate Finance

Our Corporate Finance team offers comprehensive financial advisory to support the development of private and public corporations and institutions, in multiple business services.

Mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures

Advisory and support in every stage of domestic or international transactions.

Business valuations

Performing a complete analysis according to the valuation purpose (e.g. merger, acquisition or restructuring activities).


Strategic support in planning, managing and executing the ownership transfering process.

Corporate restructurings

Advisory and support in restructuring activities, including actions over debt, operations or company structure.

Other advisory services

Including development of business plans, cross border operations, private placements or selection of new partners and investors.


Structured Finance

Structured Debt means the financing of operations with the structures associated with the asset in analysis. Whether in structuring or as creditor entity, ATLANTICO has the knowledge and resources for the development of operations in any of the sub-specialties.

Project Finance and structuring of Public-Private Partnerships
Typically developed for the infrastructure sectors: water, sanitation, production and transport of energy, collection and treatment of waste or transport.
Leverage & Acquisition Finance
Financing operations focused on the expansion of business processes either by organic growth or growth as a result of the acquisition of other companies.
Real Estate Finance
Involves the analysis and implementation of adapted structures to the development of high level and complex projects in the real estate sector.
Debt Securities
In particular the structure, assemblage and placement of bonds.
Asset Backed Finance
Structures for the financing of fixed and movable assets of great complexity and scope such as ships, aircraft or railways.
In any of these subspecialties, ATLANTICO can participate alone as lender or organize and support the placement with a banking syndicate.

Capital Markets

ATLANTICO has been developing skills in the capital market area, possessing the ability to respond to a set of requests in this area, including:

Structuring advisory, arrangement and placement of corporate bond issues and structured products.

Structuring advisory, arrangement and placement of share issues, IPO’s, offering shares in the secondary market, takeover bids, Private Placements.

Structuring advisory, arrangement and placement of sovereign bonds and other means of financing the Public Sector.

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