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Innovative banking to manage your wealth

Our Service

ATLANTICO Namibia helps individuals and families preserve their wealth, promoting expert advisory and selecting the instruments that better suit their financial goals.

Integrated in an European financial institution, based in Portugal, we are licensed and supervised by the Bank of Namibia and  we offer you an innovative banking service: global, fast, easy and secure.

Services range from savings and everyday banking products to financing solutions or totally customized investment tools.


Easy and fast banking experience

Online application and access to your accounts for an easier and faster banking experience.

Independent approach

Our advisory is confidential and independent. This approach allows us to select the market opportunities that better fit your risk profile and financial objectives.

Flexible solutions

Our flexible banking service allow us to structure tailor made saving, financing and investment solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Secure platforms

The adoption of the best and latest international security and control practices, allow us to offer you the most reliable platforms for your operations.


Everyday Banking

Current Account

Bank account designed
to meet your
day-to-day needs.

Basic Account

Bank account that provides a set of essential services without monthly fees

Payment Services

Easy and cost-efficient domestic and international money transfers.


Expert and personal approach to help you achieving your financial goals.

Digital Banking

Through internet or mobile, you can easily access your account and bank with us.


Fixed rate term deposits. The easy way to save.

Term Interest Rate p.a.(%) Minimum Deposit (NAD) Maximum Deposit (NAD) Interest Payment
3 months (new clients) 5,50% 10.000 500.000 end of term
1 month 4,00% 10.000 1.500.000 end of term
3 months 4,50% 10.000 1.500.000 end of term
6 months 4,75% 10.000 1.500.000 end of term
12 months 5,00% 10.000 1.500.000 end of term

For further information please check the Standardised Information Sheet.

Tailor made deposits. Meeting your specific needs.

Our flexible service allows us to structure customized term deposits. Just choose how much and how long you want to invest and how you need your interest paid.


Through ATLANTICO Namibia you have access to the major international capital markets and a wide range of investment opportunities linked to a variety of asset classes, including: equity, FX or investment funds from the best international asset managers and in compliance with national regulations.



Whether you need a traditional loan facility or a tailor-made financial credit to meet specific requirements, we can help you find the right solution. As your financial partner, we are able to provide you with short-term loans, fixed installment loans as well as customized medium and long term loans.

How to apply

Open an account online or write your contact and we will get back to you.


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