Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk Management is a key pillar in the implementation of the ATLANTICO vision and strategy.

It is an ongoing concern of the Bank to identify and effectively monitor and sustain all risks inherent in its operations. With this approach, ATLANTICO uses its global system of risk management which consists of an integrated set of policies and processes that include procedures, limits, controls and systems in order to identify, assess, mitigate, monitor, control and report the risks on a permanent basis. These policies and procedures cover all material risks to the business, being reviewed and updated periodically in order to maintain appropriate adjustments to the risk profile of the Bank and the economic and social environment in which it operates.



Publication Date Document Download
April 2014 Market Discipline 2013  (Portuguese version)
April 2013 Market Discipline 2012  (Portuguese version)
April 2012 Market Discipline 2011   (Portuguese version)
April 2011 Market Discipline 2010  (Portuguese version)
April 2010 Market Discipline 2009 (Portuguese version)


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